Riddler is the new way of playing online riddles. A three-sided application, consisting of a web server, public bot and browser extension. Here’s how it works:

  • You install the extension for your favorite browser.
  • You log in to the system using your own Discord credentials (no need to register!)
  • Channels and roles are unlocked automatically on page visit, as long as you have the extension on.
  • Lots of extra features like saved bookmarks, achievements, rankings and so on!

To be one of the users of Riddler, all you need to do is:

  • Install the Firefox extension or the Chrome one.
    • Don’t worry, it just works on certain OR domains and doesn’t spy on personal data; you can check the permissions if you so do wish.
  • With extension installed, open https://rnsriddle.com. It should redirect you to a Discord auth login. After that, choose your country and create your account.
  • Start playing from RNS Level 01. Your progress will automatically be tracked, including egg pages and etc. Just remember to not go too fast.
  • Enjoy! 😀

Important Links on using Riddler:

  • Riddler Home Page: The default page of Riddler, and it shows all players that uses the system, and their completed and mastered online riddles.
  • RNS Riddle Leaderboards: shows the players that uses Riddler on RNS Riddle, and it displays players scores, achievements, total files found, and their current level.
  • RNS Riddle Levels: shows your current progress, and the levels you cleared, and how many files you discovered each level.