Hello players.

I would like to thank Emoon for updating Snowflake bot! The bot is really useful in the server, and I appreciate the help!

Also, I would like to thank ThaeVish for reporting an issue. Reports are always welcome!

Once more, I would like to thank Catz and NinthLyfe for discord group roles’ colors suggestion and disabling @everyone tag.

False Level 15

  • Fixed a file that is darkness everywhere.

Discord Group

  • winners role are now properly added on newly created channels.
  • winners role have their nickname updated with a medal, instead of trophy. Sadly, all I can see are boxes.
  • The !info command now displays statistics in relation to the discord group.
  • Level 1 players nicknames will be updated with [level-1] instead of [01]. The rest of nicknames are unaffected of course.

And now, True Level -18 down to True Level -21 are now live!

I hope you enjoy. Thank you once again!