Hi players,

More than a month ago, I told the temp end players that I will release the latest level Right 24 early June, but failed to deliver in time. I would like to apologize for failing to deliver the level. I got bombarded with tasks and responsibilities, from both work and personal lives. That being said, I am still continuing the creation of the level, but it’s slower than I imagined. As for the release date, I cannot really say when I can release the level(s), but I am hoping it will be released before the anniversary!

As for the secrets on Right, I decided to discard those entirely, because I realized that there are too many secrets, also, I want the next secret to be unexpected! But then, the entrances are still useful, so, please do not discard those yet!

For the level itself, here are some progress on the level:

Right 24’s front image.

Right 24’s image is inspired from something from the old century. Can you count how many ‘circles’ are present in the image? I also left a hint there, those are your username and password!

A broken key.

A broken key! Is this like the infamous Balthazar’s labyrinth? Definitely not, as Right 24 is linear, but kind of long (or short, depends if the player is doing speedrun like a GDQ player).

A door I made using GIMP. I feel awesome.

A door? Of course! If there’s a key, there’s a door. I could use a lock, but I figure drawing a door is far more easier, considering my lack of skills in drawing things.

For the ‘puzzles’ on this level, some ideas were thrown out of the window, and some ideas are still being used, but I decided not to use here in the main section of the site.

Also, please do not give up on me yet! Thank you very much!

Last thing, screw Riddler and its creator. Do not use that app, and I do not support it, especially it’s creator is an ass to many people, literally doxing players, talking trash to people like he’s the only one that matters in this world. I really do not care if there are broken file counts or missing levels on that app. Not my responsibility. As for those who are feeding him the new pages, please stop.