Hello players,

I would like to thank everyone for the continuous support to RNS, and I really appreciate the support, even though I made some bad decisions left and right.

About what happened last week, I assure you that it will never happen again, regardless of my circumfer– circumci– issues!

For the update:


  • Welcome back, Riddler bot! RNS is now in Riddler, and can be used to track your progress, gives you virtual points in exchange of flex.

All Levels past Tutorial

  • Updated the html pages, removing div tags that were only used as a center. Got to thank Emoon for this one!
  • Added password box hints to map title. This is necessary due to the latest Firefox page not displaying the message, and some, if not all, messages from the box are crucial to solve levels.


  • Bottom text is updated.
  • Source hint is also updated.


  • Source hint is modified and now cleaner, I suppose.


  • Removed unnecessary characters on the source hints.


  • Modified the end part to be both solvable, instead of minor annoyance of looking for the other word.
  • Modified the third part due to html update.

False 15

  • This level is always on the list of update. Poor thing.
  • Updated the music directory used on all html pages. Whoever reported that to me (I forgot, I am very sorry), thank you very much!!
  • A bit of info from a certain page is also updated.

True -24

  • Source hint is updated. Whether you find it easier or harder, I believe it’s for the best of the level. 😉


  • Changed the directory of Cyan Snowflake. The part that was unreadable is now… readable. 😀
  • Removed the exif data on congratulations page image. Thank you minson for making me remember!
  • Congratulations page source comment is also updated as of today (29 June 2021)


  • Modified map title and alt to be more… understandable.

Thank you very much!! 🙂 Heeey. Do you know the first variable of the quadratic formula after the equal sign?