Hi players,

Thank you for AlessaMason, y’, carbo25, and Kobe Li for reporting issues you encountered on some of the existing levels. Now for the fixed issue:

Level 40

  • Fixed an issue with the title on one of the sublevels.

Level -A

  • Added a warning about solving the level.

False 15

  • Fixed a game-breaking issue that lets you skip certain procedures.

True 0

  • Added some notes on the source.

True -10

  • Removed the level number on the other item to avoid confusion.

True -12

  • Added an egg for the almost right answer

True -21

  • Changed the samples to fit the level, and to avoid confusion.

Also, I am glad to announce that Level Null is now online.

I hope you enjoy some nostalgic pattern when you are from a certain online riddle I played before. 😛

Last puzzle? Probably not…

Thank you very much!