Hello players.

And I would like to thank alpha█, Catz, carbo20, and minson for submitting issues that went unnoticed. If one of my hair strands fall off for each issue, I will be bald by now.

False 15 (No Real Surprise Here)

  • Fixed an issue where some pages are not similar to the rest of the pages. I can’t really tell the precise location because of spoilers, but some pages are fixed now.

Right 9

  • Fixed some RNS Specialty: Typo.

Right 11

  • Removed the excess, useless, usemap attribute.


  • Modified the warning text.

γ (Gamma)

  • Fixed a coord not matching the right letter.
  • Modified the warning text.

And I would like to announce that Right 13 is not yet online!

Thank you very much!