Hello players.

I would like to thank Shen Qiang, MishuAnubis, Kobe Li and alpha█ for the suggestions and reporting issues! I cannot really imaging RNS without help.


  • Added a hint that was only visible via password box before, somewhere.

False 13

  • Modified the answer, but method is still the same.

False 14

  • Change front page name in response to the change in False 13

False 15

  • Fixed a wrong coordinate on one of the pages.
  • Fixed a wrong grammar on the bottom text of one of the pages.
  • Added a negation page when the player used something too early.

Right 10

  • Fixed the wrong folder name into a correct one.

And, Right 11 is now online! 🙂

Thank you very much!! You probably missed a secret page LMAO