Hello players.

I would like to thank AlessaMason for reporting an issue for True Level -6. It was unfair, and has been toned down a bit. 😄

Also thanks to Hunter77 for the suggestion regarding Level 37. The new one looks cool. 😄

Level 7

  • Changed the title and the bottom hint for clearer intentions.

Level 37

  • Modified the last source comment hint to fit better on the level.

True Level -6

  • Added another hint that refers to the method of the solution.

True Level -14

  • Modified the existing egg page to be clearer. I hope it’s much easier now.
  • Added another egg page that denies the involvement of a certain thing.

I would also like to announce that the first, and short part of Level ∅ is now online. I’ll continue the second part when I have some more free time.

Let me know what you imagine for the second part. I think some of you encountered a similar puzzle somewhere. 😉

Thank you very much!