Hello everyone!

I recreated Snowflake bot, and now some changes has been implemented:

Added a new command: !found: This can be used to unlock secret levels. Please use !help found via Snowflake for information.
Replaced !unlock with !solve: Now you need to provide answer of the level that you are currently on. Please use !help solve for information.
!secret command remains the same. 🙂

Fixed the issue on unlocking levels requires front page of the next level instead of the answer of the current level.
Also fixed the issue of players can ‘unlock’ previous levels and change their nicknames.

Thank you for these people who helped me on the bot:
alpha█: for the unlocking issues
infiniteXforever : for the idea of !solve command, as it is based on his String bot.
Shen Qiang: for reporting me the issue of players unlocking solved levels.

Still currently fixing the issue on milestones, and I hope to finally fix that.

As for game related…

Changed Riddler Bonus to E. The requirement for this level to be unlocked is by using its front page html name.

Lastly, congratulations to Mtn.Laurel for clearing negative levels. 🙂

Thank you very much, and congratulations!