Hi players,

Again, my bad for my mistakes for the recent days. And I would like to thank Catz, ThaeVish, carbo25, AlessaMason, minson, and Kobe Li for noticing some issues. Thank you very much!

Level 5

  • Removed a dead egg. If you know what that is, unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit it anymore

Level 40

  • Changed the correct word for unlocking its channel on RNS Riddle Discord server.

Level Null

  • Removed the disgusting, persisting block of gray on one of the items.

Secret Level Gamma

  • Added two eggs for the actual answer, and the not so actual answer. Had to add it because of certain things.
  • Removed the file info on the image EXIF, as this hint misleads more than it helps. People found out what to do without it anyway.
  • Changed the password box hint to a more… themed one.
  • Added the missing, crucial source hint on the page.
  • Adjusted another source hint on the page.

Thank you very much! Also, there is no secret level like epsilon or waw or -c or e…