Hi players,

I would like to thank AlessaMason and minson for the suggestions and reports on their RNS Riddle adventures. 🙂 Reports and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated, even if it is small.

Level 26

  • Modified the source hint for the intention of the level.

Level -4

  • Added another egg that shares the similar thing as the answer.

Level -12

  • Added a redirection egg for the singular answer.

False Level 8

  • Added some hints for what to look on the level.

False Level 15

  • Modified the image of one of the pages, and removed the useless egg on the same page.
  • Changed the egg response on a foreign page.

Secret Level He

  • Modified one of the confirmation eggs to avoid confusion.

Secret Level Alpha

  • Added a hint that is the other term for the intended egg.

Now, there were unannounced, secret levels via WordPress, so, I’ll announce it now.

New secret levels are now added in the game. Time to visit some old levels and search for those levels. Here are the list of the levels to look for.

  • Level -21
  • Level Aleph
  • Level Bet
  • Level Gimel
  • Level Dalet
  • Level He
  • Level Alpha

More levels will be added soon. Oops. Did I say… levels? Not only secret levels?

Anyway, there’s an issue on !unlock command that I am trying to “fix” on Snowflake, so, you might see some things that do not belong there. Level Beta is also added.

Thank you very much!