Before you play, I recommend you to join the RNS Riddle Discord Server. You can get your help there if you are stuck, and meet with other players too! To join, please click the link below:

Now, as for playing, if you are really a new player, you can try to visit the tutorial pages to get the idea on how to play RNS Riddle, or to get an idea on how most online riddles work. To go the tutorial, visit the link below:

If you wish to skip tutorial, and you want to proceed to the real thing, you can visit the link below:

  • RNS Riddle: Level 01
    • As for the link’s credentials, since you claim to have online riddle experiences, the username and password are here, right after this message. future/cider

I hope you find RNS Riddle fun, and enjoyable. 🙂