Hello players.

Once again, I would like to thank Shen Qiang, Kobe Li and alpha█ for the suggestion, and reporting issues while they play. I appreciate every help I can get for RNS.

False 15

  • Fixed an issue that allows skipping of few pages.
  • Fixed a text issue on one of the pages.
  • Removed a comma on one of the pages.
  • Added a dot on one of the pages.

True -3

  • Fixed an egg not having a proper writing.

True -5

  • Added a new egg. Might be a bit easier, but it’s for the better.

בּ (Bet)

  • Changed the entrance page. But why…

As for new levels, there might be another one, two, three, on the next few days, but there’s none today.

And as for the people who reached the Right levels, I hope you know what is going on. And I thank you very much for being there, and this is my way of giving you my thanks. 🙂

Once again, thank you very much!